they’re not calling it a blizzard

28 01 2009

but i’ll drive to cleveland when i can find one website that doesn’t describe the road conditions as ‘treacherous’.

i’d love to point out something about the word ‘treacherous’.

there’s an implication free will there.

it’s not like the roads are just passively ‘dangerous’.

they are ‘treacherous’, i.e.:  they are deliberately out to get you.


two things that you can’t see in the photo

  • the blowing snow because it’s too fine
  • the road because it’s under all the snow


so i’ll keep working on the little items on my bench





think tank

24 01 2009

pliers and shells

much time has been spent re-establishing the thought process for studio practice after postponing it for so long.

francesco and i have on-going conversations about sharing space and the need for him not to move my things. although sometimes when he moves them, they look better.

before leaving california, i was becoming fascinated with spoons.  the simplicity of function combined with infinite possibilities for variation make them compelling objects.


i made a spoon in the fall to humor francesco and found that i kind of liked it.


so i want to make to some spoons.  i think rings are going to be big this year too. and possibly notebooks.


three hundred sixty five days

23 01 2009


Time is really the only capital that any human being has, and the only thing he can’t afford to lose.
Thomas Edison

think tank