swaps and collaborations

7 04 2009

i’ve fallen in recently to working with other artists on some small projects.

emily watson somehow finds the energy to run artist exchanges and has put together a massive international swap.  the premise is to take something that has been laying about the studio being unproductive and send it on to another artist who takes that object, makes something useful and  sends it back.

i received a nice little package from erica millner @ mio studio in lancaster, pa.  it includes some aluminum, ebony, cocobolo and redheart woods.  i know nothing about wood.


i see spoons in there somewhere, somehow.

i sent a package to tosca teran at nanopod studio in toronto with these tidbits: one thai kyat note, a mother of pearl handle, a sterling cone, 2 borosilicate vials and two blue glass cabachons.  good luck tosca.


on a different track:

then there’s the piece that chris hentz finished milling out for me from one of those first digital files.


i want to take that file and apply it to james thurman‘s mokume kane.  he sent me a 5×8 block of laminated black and white paper to experiment with.


using this file should make the most of all the layers in the block.  results soon, i hope.

you can see james’ very funny and informative video of how he makes and uses this process here.

finally, i committed to giving away 5 pieces to 5 facebook friends including penny watson-crum (a former student and amazing musician in california), sabrina hazelwood (childhood friend in bath, england), erika uzmann (CIA student), terry knapp frick (college buddy, virginia) and joan dulla (jewelry artist, arizona).  in exchange, i get  one piece from annissa cordova in new york and all of my recipients have to commit to sending 5 pieces to 5 of their facebook friends who will do the same.

i went a little bit over on my 5 commitments so i will be doing exchanges with colleen terry (CIA student) and rachel shimpock (former student).

i have all year, i can make them anything i want and hopefully it will be fun for everybody.  thanks to annissa for passing that forward.

i’ll post what develops.




3 responses

8 04 2009
Erica Millner

Your blog looks great, and you seem very busy. Good luck on all your many projects.

13 04 2009
Emily W.

I’d say you’re the one tapping into some serious pools of energy… that’s a lot of projects! I decided not to take on the 5 for 5 Facebook challenge, but I’m wondering if maybe I should have… can’t wait to see what you send! I also love the milled piece!

14 02 2010
Douglas Close

What a brialliant idea! Would like to try to start something – add some objects and pass it on to someone in class and see how it comes out.

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