6 06 2009

way behind on posts.

may was busy and, therefore, blogless.  so there’s much catching up to do.

first it’s time to give props to my wing man Micheal Bernard.



Michael is my sabbatical replacement while i’m away and he’s doing an amazing job.  as well as keeping my studio under control, he recently had a one person show at the National Ornamental Metal Museum in their tributaries series.

and now he’s a feautured artist on crafthaus.

you can read more about his work here.

i feel very lucky that i was able to score michael for my replacement.

thanks sir!

next it’s time to give a little room to Rachel Shimpock.


toast bracelets

Rachel’s post-baccaulaueate work at Long Beach City College has won her a coveted SNAG Educational Endowment Scholarship.  these awards are usually fought over by university students and has never been won by a community college student before.  we’re super proud of rachel.  and the prize money is well-timed as rachel starts her move to san diego to begin graduate school at san diego state university.

congratulations rachel.




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