updated itinerary for the fall

17 06 2009

so here’s where things stand as of today for our fall plans:

june 29th – leave for italy

july 10 – depart italy for beijing

  • beijing pearl market
  • forbidden city
  • great wall
  • arts district
  • crazy food

i tried to find a pearl farm to visit but it’s a solid investment of time and money to do so.  nothing was conveniently located to our path and our timing is too tight to bear inconveniences.


this is what i wanted to see:  nucleating the pearls and then harvesting them.

but these guys at GIA and Pearl Paradise did a pretty good job of documenting the process.

i’ll have to hope for another opportunity in the future.

july 19 – depart for hong kong


  • visiting with old friends
  • tai chi in kowloon park
  • 10,000 degrees fahrenheit
  • great food
  • tailor made cheongsam
  • maybe more pearl buying

july 27 – return to italy

august – slow down a bit in italy

  • set up apartment and work space
  • swim in the sea
  • visit to cortona with mary pearse?
  • work on design programs
  • work on grants/curriculum
  • eat

september – rome

  • september 5 – wedding in ancona  (not us)
  • side trip to paper museum in fabriano



england  – one week or so

  • birmingham ‘taking time: craft and the Slow Movement’ curated by helen carnac
  • bristol school of art – university of west england – visit with elizabeth turrell and the center for fine print research.
  • visit to bath for old friends

november and december

  • maybe i’ll actually sit still for awhile and just enjoy rome
  • check back for updates


  • back in california looking for a place to live and starting classes



4 responses

17 06 2009
Lynette Andreasen

Wow. What an itinerary. I am insanely jealous!

17 06 2009
elizabeth frank

What an adventure! I wish you safe and happy travels. Can’t wait to read the stories!

17 06 2009

wish arizona girls would come visit.

30 06 2009

Hello, my sweet,

When do you want us? We’ll start to plan on it.


P.S. What a lovely semester it will be for you both.

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