fly pearls

26 06 2009


fly pearls

i am so pleased about how these came out i can hardly stand it.
as far as i can tell this is the first time that anyone has ever tried engraving a pearl. these pearls were fairly expensive tahitians and laser girl and i practiced about 40 times before we decided it was time to commit. it was all about marksmanship.




5 responses

1 07 2009

I have an outfit that those would look smashing with! Well…actually I dont. But I’m sure I could find something that would look good with BUG EARRINGS

7 07 2009
Jane Groover

Love the flies! My daughter,, is making clothing that has stunningingly real-looking flies appliqued on black silk. The earrings would be a great addition. Hope to hear from Kristin sometime soon about an exhibition at Taboo Studio in 2010.

23 07 2009
valerie heck

Wow! Wow! Wow! That is so cool! I’m speachless.

23 07 2009
valerie heck

Will these be for sale anywhere?

7 08 2009

valerie! sorry i missed your comments. thanks so much. i will have some similar for sale but not any time soon. i pushed these out right before leaving for 6 months and won’t be able to make more until next year. but maybe you can see to the right that i bought more pearls with making more of the fly earrings in mind.
i’ll keep you posted. congratulations on the new house!

we should all check out jane’s daughter’s clothing line above. i really love it. brings out the covet in my heart! and that it has flies? it’s just tooooo me!

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