July flew by without posts so catching up. Workroom in conversano.

5 08 2009

First arriving in italy for ten days allowed us some time to get our living situation sorted out here in the south.
In our apartment I have one room which is partially dedicated to studio.



This has seriously enhanced the quality of life in italy for me.

You see, Italians are masters of what they call ‘la bella fare niente’ meaning ‘the beauty of nothing to do’.  They are extremely good at doing nothing and have many state holidays which celebrate doing nothing.  Unfortunately, I suffer with nothing to do.
Now that I have a little studio space, I can continue with some of the work I started in the spring. I brought a lot of tools with me this time knowing I would have a space to set up shop. I purchased a german version of a flexshaft which helps with many small chores.



Francesco’s dad is a blacksmith so there’s an anvil, a bench shear and some other gizmos if I need them. Two doors down is eugenio, a violin maker from rome, who is helping me make a specialized bench pin since I didn’t bring one.  I’ll be talking soon the local orofo (goldsmith) about how one purchases a torch in italy.  My understanding is that the government heavily regulates who can buy tools and metal.

There are many small impediments.  Plugs that mysteriously don’t fit with old wiring systems.  An ancient wobbly work table constantly in danger of collapse.
But it’s sweet and it’s mine and I can feel like I’m making some progress.




3 responses

6 08 2009

Now that’s a drill press!

19 10 2009

I am in love with that cool, yet sexy anvil!

10 12 2009
Valerie Heck

I too am terrible at doing nothing. It’s a trait that runs in my family. Goodluck with your studio work.

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