blessed with a year’s leave from teaching, i find myself in the enviable position of being required to do exactly what i want to do (other than teaching) for one year.
this is the chronicle of how that time is spent from january 1, 2009 – january 1, 2010.

my significant other is a primary gravitational force. his work is 2376.21 miles away from my work.

it is my good fortune that his work is close to the cleveland institute of art where i have been offered a residency during my visit to ohio.

there are a few goals for this year:

  • learning 3-D computer modeling and the use of new materials and processes
  • curriculum development for long beach city college
  • producing a new (if small) body of work
  • spending more time with my guy
  • reading
  • yoga
  • practicing tango

two previous bodies of work:


4 responses

28 01 2009
linda king

like the spoon idea. saw a very nice piece years ago at the armory center in pasadena. antique or old silver spoons hung from the ceiling. very beautiful. i’m horrible with names… think it was susan (suzanne?) silton? anyway it was a beautiful piece.

26 03 2009

I loved those bon-bons! how cool…..ok, I know their supposed to be jewelry bound, but they’d look pretty in a garden too! How old is that school? It looked ooooold!!!

26 03 2009

Your mind works in mysterious 3D ways.

6 04 2009
kristi patten

it is exciting to see all the fun things you are exploring and i can’t wait to see what develops!
and after the news this morning i am grateful to hear you are not in italy at the moment…

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