in general, the biennale was exhausting just trying to see half of what is there.  even though i had 5 days instead of the usual 3, it still wore me down but i did have more time to relax and do a bit of shopping this time and take in an opera.

the overall impact of the exhibitions was stronger than in the past.  there were more pieces that i found compelling than in past years.  however there was nothing that totally knocked me down.  in  previous years, sigmar polke’s works were guaranteed to keep my attention for very long periods.

below are my images from most exhibitors at the major shows and some of the collateral shows.

but this time the greatest take-away was from the film festival portion of the biennale.  peter greenway’s installation of the veronese’s wedding at cana in it’s original location in the refectory at  san giorgio maggiore was 8 minutes of breath-taking immersion.  the you-tube video below can only give the smallest sense of the loving combination of image, technology and location. but i hope you’ll look anyway.



the wedding at cana


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